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TKL News: Community Improvement Plan Applications

Community Improvement Plan Applications Now Being Accepted
Posted on 06/25/2020
Community Improvement Plan

With the passing of the 2020 municipal budget, we are now accepting applications under the Community Improvement Plan (CIP).

A CIP is a development tool municipalities can use to stimulate industrial and commercial development within specific areas of the municipality. Businesses within these areas may apply for various grants, rebates and deferrals to offset the costs associated with getting a new facility up and running or making improvements to existing structures and land. Programs available under the CIP include:

  • Building Conversion and Expansion Grant
  • Building Renovation and Improvement Grant
  • Façade Improvement Grant
  • Tax Increment Grant
  • Building Permit and Planning Application Fee Planning Application Fees
  • Sale of Land for Less than Market Value
  • Design, Architectural and Project Feasibility Study Grants

All proposed works must adhere to provincial and municipal regulations and requirements. The total of all grants (excluding tax assistance) shall not exceed 50% of eligible costs. Total grants per property will not exceed $10,000.