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Are you looking for new business opportunities? Maybe want to start a new career? Or maybe you are visiting northeastern Ontario and looking for information on places to go or things to do. Kirkland Lake’s Economic Development and Tourism Division is here to help!

Our mandate is to improve the quality of life in Kirkland Lake by undertaking activities to attract new economic activity, encourage tourism and support community development. Our services include:

  • Providing local market research and site location assistance.
  • Providing information on incentive programs.
  • Accessing capital funding for project development.
  • Promoting local businesses, organizations and the community.
  • Supporting community development plans and projects.
  • Developing partnerships to promote, support and sustain economic growth.
  • Advocating on behalf of the business community to municipal, provincial and federal authorities on issues that affect the community’s economic well-being.

Call us today:

Economic Development and Tourism Division
Town of Kirkland Lake
Phone:  705-567-9365 ext 332
Email: [email protected]