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Cemetery monument

Monument Cleaning

Your family monuments can quickly show signs of aging due to the effects of dirt, moss, algae, and rust.  As a lasting memory, we all want monuments to look their best and be protected from degrading elements. Our cleaning service can be arranged whenever you recognize that the monument is due for a thorough cleaning. In many instances a monument should be cleaned before further inscriptions are engraved. 

Fees are as follows:
Flat or Pillow $20.00
Upright $40.00

Call the cemetery at 705-642-3378 to arrange for cleaning.

Bereavement Authority of Ontario

The Town of Kirkland Lake is responsible for the operation and maintenance of the Kirkland Lake Cemetery, located at the junction of Highways 66 and 112.

Established in 1923 the Town takes great pride in the preservation and upkeep of the Cemetery. By exploring the grounds, it is obvious that the Town was built on multiculturalism that is still prevalent today. With its abundance of coniferous and deciduous trees throughout the sprawling grounds, it attracts a variety of people due to its park-like setting. The Cemetery is not only the final resting place for those gone before us, it is a place of solitude and quiet reflection for those visiting their loved ones.

Along with traditional burials, the Cemetery provides the following interment options: columbarium, scattering grounds and cremation garden.

By-Law 12-091 establishes the operations and maintenance procedures for the Kirkland Lake Cemetery.
By-Law 23-038 establish the current cemetery fees for the Kirkland Lake Cemetery.
Licence# 3304570.

Bereavement Authority of Ontario's Consumer Information Guide