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Safe and Secure Home

Emergency Preparedness

Fire Safety

TPR has a complete automatic sprinkler system protection, are fitted with carbon monoxide detectors, conduct regular fire drills to ensure everyone knows their responsibilities in the event of a fire emergency and are inspected by our local fire safety officer/fire department on an annual basis. Annually our Fire safety plan is reviewed by Fire Department, and we participate in a Vulnerable Sector Evacuation drill.

Infection Control

Infection Control Program

We work closely with Public Health Ontario, local Public Health Unit and our internal infection control lead to promote best practices in cleaning and disinfection, universal precautions and IPAC education.

Annual education for all staff on infection control practices as well as policies to support all IPAC.

Staff Immunization

As an organization and as individual employees, we know that influenza and covid pose a unique and serious risk to the health of our residents. We continue to advocate for all employees to receive annual Influenza vaccination as well as encourage Covid-19 booster vaccinations.

Visitor Policy

TPR welcomes visitors seven-days-a-week. Although there are no specific visiting hours, we ask that visitors be mindful of residents and their roommates’ need for privacy during care and rest times and respectful of restrictions put in place for safety reasons or to prevent the spread of infections.

Residents who are able are encouraged to go on outings such as shopping trips, visits with family for holidays, birthdays, anniversaries and other excursions to favourite places that they may have frequented before joining our home.

For safety reasons, we ask residents or their family members to notify the staff on the unit prior to leaving and request that they sign out when they leave our home.

Please check with our home regarding the notification process, as well as further information on overnight stays.

Long-Term Care Home Complaint Process