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By-Laws are created as a way to address local issues and concerns. They are adopted to protect the environment, public health and safety, or to maintain an orderly appearance in your community or town.

The Municipal Act requires the Town (through its Council) to exercise its powers by by-law. By-laws are the primary legal instrument of municipalities in Ontario, including the Town of Kirkland Lake.

Town Council make decisions by adopting and amending recommendations contained in reports and during the consideration of motions found on Agendas and/or made during the course of a meeting.

These decisions are confirmed by a confirmatory by-law at the end of each meeting. This ensures that every decision is made by by-law. Some decisions are also the subject of a more specific by-law; these by-laws provide for greater clarity, certainty and ease of reference.

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Important Information

  • Where possible, by-laws are posted within 48 hours of a Council meeting.

  • By-laws posted on the Town’s database (and website) are for information only and may not retain the exact structure of original versions. Readers should verify information before acting on it.

  • By-laws are subject to amendments and/or being repealed. Readers and citizens should consult the original documents in the Clerk’s Office.

  • Reference should be made to the official version of a by-law for any legal purposes. Certified True Copies of by-laws may be obtained through the Clerk’s Office.

  • Every effort is made to ensure the by-laws referenced on the Town’s website and online database (Document Centre) are accurate and contain the latest amendments; however, the Town of Kirkland Lake cannot guarantee the accuracy of the downloaded information.

  • The Town’s by-law database is still being populated with historical information; the project is estimated to be completed by the end of 2024.