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Heritage Listing

What Buildings in Kirkland Lake are designated or recognized as a Heritage Building?

2 Chateau Drive
MC L2242, RP TER297, Part 45, Parcel 9789CST
Designated on January 22, 1980
The building was constructed in 1930
It was the home of Sir Harry Oakes
Currently is the Museum of Northern History

4 Government Road East
M32T, Lot 11, Parcel 11945CST
Constructed in 1955
MNDM Office Building
Currently houses the Law Office of Robert A. Dinnen

120 Government Road East
Teck PT MC L1823, RP TER426, Part 4, RP TER525, Part 1, Parcel 8146CST
Constructed in 1918
Designated on April 1, 2003
Toburn Mining Headframe

265 Hayes Avenue
M154NB, Lot 41, Parcels 3952, 3571, 
Constructed in 1910
Recognized on March 20, 2012
Part of the Lucky Cross Mine in Swastika