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Restorative Care and Physio

Restorative Care

Restorative Care is a coordinated approach to resident centered care which is integrated throughout all aspects of the home. This approach is intended to ensure that each resident is able to maintain or improve his/her functional and cognitive capacities in all aspects of daily living to her/his fullest potential. Our Restorative Care Coordinator is a member of the interdisciplinary team who facilitates positive change in the quality of life of our residents as well as acting as a liaison with nursing staff, the physiotherapist, occupational therapists, speech therapists and community vendors as prescribed.


Upon admission and as needed, our physiotherapist will complete an assessment with each resident, following that, based on results and resident identified goals, he will design a treatment program to maintain full potential, address preventative or therapeutic needs. Our physiotherapy team is available up to 7 days a week within the home providing  primarily restorative and supportive programs. The physiotherapist is a vital member of our falls prevention and management team, providing education, enhancing the safety and the wellness of our residents.